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Around The World
May 23
At Least Twenty Dead In Manchester Blast
related link: Two Explosions at Ariana Grande Concert

posted by Pincher Martin at 12:54am
May 22
Sometimes the elephant gets you
related link: Elephant crushes big-game hunter

Three elephants stampeded towards the hunters and Mr Botha opened fire with his rifle, prompting a fourth elephant to storm in from the side and lift him up with her trunk.

The Afrikaans news site Netwerk24 reported that another member of the group fired the fatal shot at the elephant and, as the animal collapsed dead, she fell on Mr Botha.

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 03:10pm
May 17
May 16
Killer Whales Wage War on Great White Sharks
related link: Less a Battle Than A Massacre

posted by Pincher Martin at 10:45pm
April 06
April 04
Tar Heels Beats Zags for National Championship
related link: North Carolina Wins Sixth National Title

posted by Pincher Martin at 05:36am
March 29
UK Triggers Brexit
related link: No turning back

In a statement in the Commons, the prime minister said: "Today the government acts on the democratic will of the British people and it acts too on the clear and convincing position of this House."

She added: "The Article 50 process is now under way and in accordance with the wishes of the British people the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union.

"This is an historic moment from which there can be no turning back."

She said Britain would now make its own decisions and its own laws and "take control of the things that matter most to us - we are going to take this opportunity to build a stronger, fairer Britain, a country that our children and grandchildren are proud to call home".

Continue reading UK Triggers Brexit

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 03:07pm
March 27
Two Carolinas Round Out the Final Four
related link: South Carolina, Gonzaga, Oregon, North Carolina: 2017 Final Four is set

posted by Pincher Martin at 06:27am
March 26
Two West Coast Teams Punch Their Tickets to Final Four
related link: No. 1 Gonzaga and No. 3 Oregon advance in NCAA tournament

posted by Pincher Martin at 04:23am
February 13
Highest Dam in US On the Brink
related link: Evacuations ordered below Oroville Dam

posted by Pincher Martin at 04:33am
February 06
Patriots Clinch 5th Super Bowl with Amazing Comeback
related link: Tom Brady Cements Legacy as Greatest QB of All-time

posted by Pincher Martin at 04:51am
January 20
Trump Inauguration
related link: USA Today

posted by CalGal at 02:29pm
December 06
Warriors' Klay Thompson Scores Sixty
related link: Hits a career-high in Warriors' blowout win over Pacers

posted by Pincher Martin at 07:17am
November 26
Fidel Castro Dies Aged 90
related link: Focus of U.S. Foreign Policy Since Eisenhower

posted by Pincher Martin at 06:24am
November 17
EU in danger of collapse
related link: Le Pen could win

The French Prime Minister said the Brexit vote and Donald Trump's election victory showed how important it was to listen to angry citizens, and that politicians scared of making decisions were opening the door to populists and demagogues.

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 02:16pm
October 13
Nobel Prize in Literature!
related link: Bob Dylan Awarded Nobel

From the NY Times:

Bob Dylan has won the Nobel Prize in Literature for "poetic expressions within the great American song tradition."

posted by Sparky at 12:50pm
October 08
related link: Trump tape sends campaign into toilet

Late Friday night, following sharp criticism by Republican leaders, Trump issued a short video statement saying, “I said it, I was wrong, and I apologize.” But he also called the revelation “a distraction from the issues we are facing today.” He said that his “foolish” words are much different than the words and actions of Bill Clinton, whom he accused of abusing women, and Hillary Clinton, whom he accused of having “bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims.”

posted by Nicholas Kronos at 02:31pm
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